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Welcome Message

Building up the success of previous series we are here to announce you all the next series of the Palliative care “4th International Conference on Palliative Care and Public Health” slated on October 10-11, 2022 in Vienna, Austria.

We encourage the palliative & healthcare researchers, doctors, physicians, professors, scientists, young researchers, and students, academic & business delegates by providing a premier stage to share your knowledge especially building your network.

Our aim is to bring together all the experts at one place to share their thoughts around the theme Breakthrough Excellence in Palliative Care” and to make quality research in general by making discussions & presentations more competitive and focussing on emerging tracks of the conference.

The event consists of a fabulous collab of 15+ keynote sessions, 35+ plenary sessions, workshops, exhibitors, video presentation, poster sessions, virtual sessions, panel discussions etc occurring from 8:45 AM to 6:30 PM on October 10th 2022 continuing to the next day from 8:45 AM to 6:30 on October 11th 2022.

We do hope that you will join us in this fruitful meeting.

This year’s Conference program, coupled with the Business Opportunity Exchange, is an event you can’t afford to miss!

About Conference

Palliative care is one of the most important self-care which must be taken by each & every individual to complete their life successfully without any regrets, health issues as healthy and happy individuals.

Palliative care 2022 meeting consists of current & emerging tracks like Advance Care Planning and Communication, Ageing and Geriatrics, Arts and Humanities (including Art and Music Therapy), Bereavement, Grief and Loss, Clinical Ethics, Complementary Therapies, Natural Analgesics, Education, Training and Supervision, Families, Caregivers and Volunteers in Palliative Care, Pediatric Palliative Care, Pain and Symptom Management in Palliative care to Self-Care and Wellness, Spirituality and Psychological Health, Palliative Care during COVID-19 Pandemic, Telehealth / Telemedicine in Palliative Care, Adolescent & Young Adults Health, COVID -19, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Functional Foods for Anticovid-19 and Mental Health etc.

Get worldwide acknowledgement to your research profile where more than 55000 Visitors who analyzed our conference website to attend and submit proposals of their research work. Where this was recorded as the highest number of Visitors from both, developed and developing nations. While we penetrate the study of visitor, navigation, and traffic patterns to determine the success of our conference website majority amount of traffic we receive from cities like New York, London, Valencia, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Athens, Sydney, Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Osaka, Melbourne, Moscow and Vienna.

Targeted audience

  • 150+ attendees (40% Business & 60% academic)
  • 15+ keynote speakers         
  • 35+ pleanary sessions
  • 25+ Young research forum
  • 20+ Emerging sessions
  • 10+ workshops
  • 5+ exhibitors

Scientific Sessions

  • Advance Care Planning and Communication
  • Ageing and Geriatrics
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Music Therapy
  • Bereavement, Grief and Loss
  • Clinical Ethics
  • Complementary Therapies, Natural Analgesics
  • Education, Training and Supervision
  • Families, Caregivers and Volunteers in Palliative Care
  • Pediatric Palliative Care
  • Pain and Symptom Management
  • Palliative Care and Cancer Management
  • Community & Primary Care
  • Palliative Care in Non-cancer / Organ Failure
  • Palliative Care in Nursing
  • Breast cancer, Womens health
  • Rehabilitation and Clinical Nutrition in Palliative Care
  • Pilot Studies or Case Reports in Palliative Care
  • Self-Care and Wellness
  • Spirituality and Psychological Health
  • Palliative Care during COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Telehealth / Telemedicine in Palliative Care
  • Adolescent & Young Adults Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Epidemiology
  • Functional Foods for Anticovid-19
  • Health Communication and Health Information Technology
  • Health Economics
  • Maternal, Infant and Child health Family Planning
  • Mental Health

Market Analysis

The palliative care market was valued at $12,800 million in 2022 and is expected to grow to $26,519 million by 2032 at a CAGR of 9.6% between 2022 and 2032. people with life-threatening illnesses and their families. Through early detection, accurate assessment, and treatment of pain and other disorders, whether physical, mental, or spiritual, palliative care services prevent and alleviate suffering. In addition, palliative care supports patients and their caregivers with a collaborative approach. This entails meeting practical needs and offering a support structure to help people live as actively as possible until death. Numerous chronic diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular disease, require palliative care.

Renowned Speakers

To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date October 10-11, 2022
Poster Oppurtunity Available
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